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  Federation of   Iranian  Associations of Flour Milling Industry

Self Sufficiency & Research Center 

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 History :


The Establishment of self-sufficiency and Research Centers for each group of main  industries   and their related products was based on a law executed by the ministry of Industry and mines of Iran. The objectives of the law were to facilitate   partnership of the  people engaged  in each  industry and to promote  Self -sufficiency and Research    activities performed in the interest of industry professionals under the supervision of the Ministry.

The scope of center's responsibilities included all  important  aspects  for the Industry such as the usage of raw materials, manpower , technology  and  production  methods , Quality  Improvement , etc .

In  December  1987   an  official  gathering of the  managers and owners of the Milling  ,  Baking and Related Industries was held at the Ministry of industry for the purpose of establishing the Self Sufficiency and Research Center and electing the following persons as members of  the Board.

    Achievements :


Ever since its establishment ,the center has been actively engaged in various aspects of  flour and  bread, which are of prime importance in Iran.

During a Center sponsored seminar in  1990 ,experts conducted a thorough  analysis of  general  problems within  the industry and also of the latest  milling ,baking ,pasta production technologies. 

 The Center's experts  constantly  make  significant  contributions  in  most  national scientific , technical and professional  meetings and committees and also participate in all relevant " Standard Committees "sponsored by the Iranian Standards and scientific Research Institute.

Moreover, the center has presented constructive suggestions and projects for Improving current complicated situation of country's highly subsidized bread production.                             





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