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  Federation of   Iranian  Associations of Flour Milling Industry

Self Sufficiency & Research Center 

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List of Publications:


        Trying  to Reach  a  Common Approach in the Center  

M.Yazdjerdi (Ph.D)
 H.Yazdjerdi  (Ph.D)
Sep  1988

Annual Report of the Center

Oct  1988

Nutritional Value  of  Wheat

K.Ahmadzadeh (M.Sc.)
 Sep 1988 

Degree of Softness of  Dourom Wheat  Milled Product from a Macaroni Product's Point of view

   K.Ahmadzadeh (M.SE)
Sep 1988

Desirable Feature in Production's Point of Macaroni by-product

Nov 1988

Report  of General Session

Jan 1989

Nutritional Value of Wheat Flour as Affected  by theRate of  Extraction


   H.Yazdjerdi (Ph.D)
May 1989

      Flour Extraction Rate and it's Effect on Nutrtional  Value of bread

 M.Samii  (M.Sc.)
  Jun 1989


Wheat Impurities and their Effect on Cleaning Process During   FlourMilling

  H.Yazdjerdi (Ph.D)
      M.Samii (M.Sc.)    

            May 1991         

   Bread's Evolutionary Trend in the World

   M.Samii (M.Sc.)
    March 1991

                  Proceedings of the Center's First Semminar

                                       March 1991

                      The Book on (Wheat,Flour and Bread)


                                        M.Samii (M.Sc.)

                                            April 1995

     A Study on the Expension of  Silos in the Country

 J.Izadyar (M.B.A)
  Oct 1996

    Estimating the Demand for non-Subsidized (Machine Made) Breads

  J.Izadyar (M.B.A)
    Oct 1996 

Quality  Of  Iran's Wheat

    M.Samii (M.Sc.)

  Assessment Of Milling Industry And Cost Analysis

 H.Yazdjerdi (Ph.D)

   Condition of Correcting Flour and Bread in Country

  Eng.Mohammad Samii
    Oct 2007


 A Brief Overview of Iran's Milling Industry



Being on The Misguided Path

A Glance at The Difficult and Costly Process of Producing Bread in Iran

  H.Yazdjerdi (Ph.D)



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