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  Federation of   Iranian  Associations of Flour Milling Industry

Self Sufficiency & Research Center

Research & engineering Services Inc

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Flour milling is considered as one of the oldest industries inIran and  many  mills operating  throughout  the country produce various types of  flour  required  to  manufacture different foodstuffs  namely biscuits , cookies and other pastries and other industrial items (starch , glucose, etc.)

In order to utilize the  advantage provided through the establishment of associations  envisaged  in  Article 131
of the Iranian labor law,
Flour millers in various provinces established 18 provincial associations.The
Federation of  Iranian  Associations of  Flour Milling  Industry , the industry's supreme professional body, has been organized.
Moreover,a  Self-sufficiency and research center
to support activities within the industry was established on 1978 and  is affiliated with the ministry of industries and mines.An extensive research  and development program has been conducted so far investigating various aspects
of milling and baking  industries such as  appropriate use
of  raw  materials (e. g. wheat) , production  technology development,and equipment design.    
Similarly, seminars and expert committees have been organized periodically by the center. numerous Publications
authored by center investigators continue
to report research results and are available upon request.
A company , named (flour milling , baking and related industries)
Research and engineering services , inc. has also been established to provide the required technical and commercial support for this Iranian industry. flour millers in  different  parts of the country are share holders.
The wide scope of the activities of this company includes the pertinent range of engineering and commercial services (importing  and exporting )of related flour milling machinery, spare Parts, milled  products, different types of flour , and various raw materials like wheat etc. milling products different types of flour, etc.




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